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So let’s talk about High Society! When you see me in my wig, scarf, and pen in hand, I’m in writing mode, and who knows when I will look up again, from my note book. Any questions about my lead character, Logan? Well, she’s on a mission to stick it to society’s mean girls who just won’t leave her and her man alone, but first she’s gotta get High Society up and running. You see, High Society is a Blog she runs. This blog is gonna knock some socks off and reveal some truths about folks! Stick around. It’s gonna get juicy! Oh, did I mention, Jordyn is back! She was recently released from prison and is about to start some mess. If you want to know more about these people, you would have had to follow my previous works, but they’re out of publication, and are about to be repacked and rereleased. This is a work in progress so, hopefully you’ll be here for the finale!🍷👍👀

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